Shanghai Tang

Shanghai Tang is a leading Chinese contemporary fashion brand with deep local heritage.

Lunar | March 25, 2019


Joysun is the “king of Walnuts,” selling drinks, snacks and ingredients..

jlwittleton | August 22, 2017


Niutou is China’s leading brand of beef jerky – a “China Famous Brand” targeting action-oriented and youthful customers.

jlwittleton | August 9, 2017

WH Group

WH Group, through its subsidiaries Shuanghui, Smithfield and others, is the largest meat processor and packager in China and globally. The company is now listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

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Orchard Farmer

Orchard Farmer is China’s leading brand of healthy nut and fruit snacks.

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LifeFun is Shanghai’s most famous snack food – a “time-honored brand” founded in 1938.

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Yao TaiTai

Yao TaiTai provides healthy snacks to kids and families.

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