Our brands and services

Yeehoo is the #1 brand and market leader in baby apparel, bedding, skin care and other products for newborns in China. Alongside Yeehoo, we have also bought leading brands targetting kids and newborns such as Nicholas & Bears and Pinco Pallino.

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We have acquired agriculture-related businesses and are growing them to deliver eco-friendly products, tourism services and deliver other environmentally friendly initatives, including Sanli, Zhonghe and others.

Laohenghe is one of China's best-loved cooking sauces

  • Honworld Group

Through our ownership of the UCCA, we have built businesses that tap into the desire for a better lifestyle in China, with exhibitions, education, retailing and other entertainment offerings.

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Through Castle Snacks, we have acquired many leading snack food brands such as LifeFun, Yao Taitai, Orchard Farmer, Joysun and Niutou.

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  • Shanghai LifeFun Food
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  • WH Group
  • Yonghong Food Co. Ltd
  • Joysun

We founded early leaders in Chinese mobile services, such as Linktone, China's first profitable Nasdaq-listed business and a provider of entertainment and other mobile data services, Intrinsic, an early leader in mobile systems integration, SmartPay, one of China's first mobile fintech leaders later acquired by Ping'An Group, and Jawbone, an early leader in wearable devices.

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