Our Platforms

Lunar Baby is becoming the #1 destination for new parents in China online and offline, building on our success of growing Yeehoo into China’s top- selling babywear brand.

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  • Peekabook Brand - Lunar Capital
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Lunar Cassia acquires agriculture and related businesses that produce upstream resources to satisfy demand from consumer-driven growth.

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Lunar Natural aims to fill every kitchen in China with our all-natural and healthy condiments, starting with Lao Heng He, a top-selling brand of cooking sauces.

  • Honworld Group

Lunar Edu-Tainment delivers creative, educational and entertainment experiences online and outside of the traditional classroom to inform and inspire.

  • ucca

Lunar Castle is taking a 3G-like approach to building a leading snack foods business online and offline through acquiring brands like LifeFun, YaoTaitai and Farmer.

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  • Shanghai LifeFun Food
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  • WH Group
  • Yonghong Food Co. Ltd
  • Joysun

Lunar’s Mobile Platform focused on building early leaders in China’s growing mobile technology and services marketplace. Mobile products and services have affected everything about how Chinese people consume and Lunar was early to see this trend. Lunar has exited all of our investments in the Mobile platform, which included - Linktone (NASDAQ IPO), Intrinsic (Trade Sale), SmartPay (Trade Sale) and Jawbone (Trade Sale).

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  • Jawbone
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