About Lunar

We generate returns for our investors through our highly differentiated, control-oriented, operationally involved, platform-building investment strategy.

We build platforms through our unique industry-insider sourcing, professionalizing management, and driving innovation in products, services, marketing and distribution.

We add value through leveraging the expertise of our team of over 50 management professionals and 5,000 employees across the businesses we control.

At all times, we aim to combine highly localized execution and operational capabilities with global best practices, governance and transparency.

Our Track Record

Since our founding, Lunar has completed more than 20 buyouts, leveraging our unique industry expertise to build several businesses from an early stage to market leadership. Lunar was one of the earliest proponents in China of an entrepreneurial, control-oriented, operationally-intensive approach.

We Have Delivered Consistent Returns with Limited Risk

  • IRR since inception of 53% across all investments.
  • Capital returned in almost every invested platform and company.
  • Negligible loss ratio across all funds.

We Are a Leading Chinese Buyout Firm with a Proven Consumer-Focused Strategy

  • Consistent control-oriented, operationally-involved approach.
  • Majority controlling shareholder in over 90% of investments.
  • Appointed new management in over 75% of invested companies.

We Have a Growing Portfolio and Institutional Investor Base

  • Completed 24 buyouts.
  • AUM of over US $500m and growing.
  • Presently growing 5 platforms with a pipeline of further investment in excess of US $2 billion.
  • Lunar Capital
    Lunar believes that the power of the Chinese consumer will drive explosive growth
  • Lunar Capital
    Lunar sources unique and highly proprietary opportunities driven by succession issues and other challenges as consumer businesses rapidly modernize
  • Lunar Capital
    Lunar invests where we have the conviction that businesses will benefit by offering products and services that cater to consumer aspirations and demonstrated willingness to pay a premium for quality
  • Lunar Capital
    Lunar’s platform-building approach has enabled us to build up the team, expertise, domain knowledge, processes and know-how to truly add value to our companies

Industry Affiliations

Lunar is built on a culture of institutionalization and responsibility, which is reflected in our involvement in our community.

Industry Associations

  • Tianjin Venture Capital Association
  • Shenzhen Venture Capital Association
  • Chongqing Private Equity Association
  • Chengdu Venture Capital Association
  • Hong Kong Venture Capital Association
  • Shanghai Venture Capital Association
  • Beijing Private Equity Association
  • China Venture Capital Association

Global Best Practices

  • Adherents to ILPA Best Practices
  • Regulated by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission

UN – Principles for Responsible Investment(UNPRI)


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Lunar is a signatory to the United Nations-backed Principles for Responsible Investment Initiative (PRI). The initiative and its principles provide a guiding framework for assessing the environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues in making investments.

Lunar is committed to implementing the principles into our investment processes and within the businesses we invest in. We recognize the impact that ESG issues can have on the operations of our investments and believe that their proper assessment and treatment is vital to value creation in our portfolio.

We have incorporated various compliance checks and socially responsible investing (SRI) due diligence steps into our investment process, as well as the relevant guidelines into our code of conduct. We strive to focus on areas where we see SRI having clear beneficial impact to all stakeholders involved, such as consumer product safety and institutionalized corporate governance.