Our Differentiation

Lunar takes a focused platform-building approach

  • We have tremendous insight into what we buy
  • We invest in consumer companies where we have a strategic edge
  • We integrate companies into platforms and build category leaders

We add value through operational involvement

  • We professionalize management and corporate culture
  • We implement governance, controls and reporting
  • We drive innovation in product, marketing and distribution

We have a unique ability to source deal flow

  • We use an industry-insider approach to find proprietary opportunities
  • We currently have RMB 13 billion of transactions in diligence
  • Our opportunity set is growing dramatically

We capitalize upon a substantial valuation arbitrage

  • We are able to achieve control at reasonable valuations
  • We capture valuation uplift through control and professionalization
  • We leverage control to maximize routes to deliver consistent distributions and returns on our investor’s capital